Don't Drink Dasani - K Camp

Don’t Drink DasaniK Camp

Quotable Lyrics: Don’t Drink DasaniK Camp

Baby wake up
Sh*t, I camp wake up, its 5 in the morning
That money good though

Nose ring pierced them b*tches call me machiavelli
If she want some action she gon’ hit me on the celly
Drunker than a b*tch she tryna pump me b*tch no hessy
All these boys be poppin but we did this sh*t already
She don’t drink Dasani boujee but that b*tch get ratchet
Popped a perc I ended in Allure and then hit magic
Ni**as steady runnin with my flow you hoes can have it
Shooters, they gon shoot that sh*t like luka on the mavericks