DON - D Double E & Skepta

DON – D Double E & Skepta

Quotable Lyrics: DON – D Double E & Skepta

Yeah, yeah
Everybody knows what me and D do to verses
Walk in the stu’, any beat, any speed
Just gimme somethin’ to work with
Talk about clash, I’ll hit him where the nerve is (Greaze)
I don’t know why I ever ask man, “Wagwan?”
‘Cause I already know what the word is (Huh?)

Fake love got a big man like me flyin’ ’round
With a tool in the car like I don’t know what a bird is
International, bigger than the capital (Sets)
Now he guy at the label, they wanna talk when I see them
Talkin’ about contracts, must be talkin’ Vodafone
Free calls on the weekend (Brrr)
I get ten shows tryna see three Ms (Brrr)