Doja - $NOT Feat. A$AP Rocky

Doja$NOT Feat. A$AP Rocky

Quotable Lyrics:
Why these ni**as talkin’ f**kin’ sh*t?
I-I-I told ’em pipe down, I don’t need no little b*tch (Huh?)
I f**ked that b*tch named Doja Cat, pull up in a Scat Pack (Haha)
Windows tinted all black (Go, go), bulletproof and all that (Go)

F**k that, f**k you
F**k that, f**k you, f**k that

Bro, I’m posted like a bandit, choppa take your f**king candy (Huh?)
F**k your ho I’ll leave her stranded, come and get her, she just landed (Haha)
I got stamina, I be that soldier, that boy damager (Huh?)
Four-five just let it go, push a ni**a, he want smoke (Boom, Dee B got that heat)
He want smoke? Let me know, I got smoke like Bobby Hill (Boom boom) / New Music Release

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