Doja - Central Cee

DojaCentral Cee

Quotable Lyrics:
How can I be homophobic? My b*tch is gay
Hit man in the top, try see a man topless, even the stick is gay
Huggin’ my bruddas and say that I love them but I don’t swing that way
The mandem celebrate Eid, the trap still runnin’ on Christmas day

Somebody tell Doja Cat, that I’m tryna indulge in that
In my grey tracksuit, see the bulge in that
See the motion clap when you’re throwin’ it back (When you’re throwin’ it back)
These females plannin’ on doin’ me wrong

So I’m grabbin’ a ‘dom out the Trojan pack
Post the location after we’re gone
Can’t slip and let them know where we’re at
I don’t know about you but I valuе my life (But I value my life)

‘Causе imagine I die (Die)
And I ain’t made a hundred M’s yet
There’s so much things I ain’t done yet
Like f**kin’ a flight attendant, huh

I don’t party but I heard Cardi there,
so f**k it, I might attend it
Gotta kick back sometimes and wonder
How life woulda been if I never did take them risks,
and would have I prospered?
Floatin’ and I won’t go under

Been outta town for a month
Absence made the love grow fonder
UK rap or UK drill, gotta mention my name
if you talk ’bout the genre (Alright)