Doin Me - Fivio Foreign, SOUNDRAW

Doin MeFivio Foreign, SOUNDRAW

                 “Doin Me” is a drill song by Fivio Foreign, a Brooklyn-based rapper, in collaboration with AI beat maker SOUNDRAW that seamlessly blends Fivio’s signature drill rap style with this AI unique production. This collaboration makes Fivio Foreign the first-ever rapper to use an AI-generated beat SOUNDRAW is an AI music generator developed by Soundraw Inc., which provides artists and producers with a more intuitive and user-friendly music creation experience.


The use of AI in the music industry is a growing trend, with artists exploring the possibilities of incorporating AI technology into their creative process. The track boasts infectious beats and sharp lyricism, offering listeners an energetic and street-smart anthem that showcases Fivio’s lyrical prowess and charisma. It’s a testament to the evolving sound of New York’s hip-hop scene and a testament to Fivio Foreign’s rising star power in the industry. / New Music Release

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