Doggy Dogg Christmas - Snoop Dogg

Doggy Dogg Christmas – Snoop Dogg

Quotable Lyrics: Doggy Dogg Christmas – Snoop Dogg

Somebody just did
The D-O double G be feelin’ festive
Got Santa and his elves working ’round the clock
Holidays are here so the show don’t stop
Got chow mei, chow lo, oh
It’s Christmas, so child, ho, ho, ho
You know I got my gold leaf burgers on the way
On a solid gold tray
On a solid gold sleigh

Ice skatin’ to your door when the snow falls
(What you got, Snoop?)
Carbonara with them dough balls
Yes, please, feast at the crib, see
Catch burritos droppin’ down the chimney
Hear the jingle bells? It must be
Stuffed crust cheese (Oh, cheese)
Trust me, I keep it poppin’ like the hot jerk chicken that I got in my stockin’