Doctors - Murda Beatz & Shordie Shordie

Doctors – Murda Beatz & Shordie Shordie

Quotable Lyrics: Doctors – Murda Beatz & Shordie Shordie

If I go today, I want the ni**a die, go find him
They gon’ swing the bin with them choppas singin’ like opera
Get the first pick, I’ma be the man on my roster
Like f*ck the opposition

And I bought a new gun, ‘case the old one get old (Ooh, woah, oh-oh)
Do some sh*t ain’t nobody knows (Ooh, woah, oh-oh)
Go some places where nobody goes (Ooh, woah, oh-oh)
Look at couples they givin’ me goals
Takin’ pictures we throwing them four’s (Yung Lan)
Tryna to argue, you doin’ the most (M-M-M-Murda)

It’s no question you say I got hoes
But I’m in the streets
I’m sellin’ drugs, ain’t givin’ no love
I’m thinkin’ that you wanna leave
You sayin’ you good but when I come back you wanna b*tch , you wanna beef
But I’m paranoid just sittin’ right here
You daddy a junky he be chasin’ with beer
You know I’ma kill him if he come near