Do You Mind - Vedo Chris Brown

Do You MindVedo Chris Brown

Quotable Lyrics:
Shawty wanna do me (Do), yeah
Told me, “Set the camera up”,
she wanna make a movie (Ooh-ooh)
Oh, oh-ooh-woah

I can tell it’s juicy, yeah (Ooh-ooh)
Know I’m on that liquor when I’m feelin’
on her booty (Booty), yeah (Woah-ooh-woah)
Oh, no (Yeah, yeah, hey)

I wanna show you some things for your eyes only
(Oh, yeah-yeah, yeah)
I know this your song
When it came on it brought out the freak (Freak)
(Oh, yeah-yeah, yeah)

Better play nice
Bottle poppin’ ’til the daylight (Daylight)
I put you on if it feels right (Ooh)
Let’s keep it goin’ ’til there’s no más, yeah

Do you mind if I come through?
Mind if I touch you?
Mind if I mess up your frontal?
Pour it up, roll it up, wе can smoke too
Doo you mind? Put it in my face

Doo you mind? Make you tap out, don’t play
Doo you mind? Ovеr on the Westside, the best side
You know it’s only good vibes, do you mind?

Doo you mind girl? Do you mind?
Will you let me do you right? (Huh)
Can I have the night? (Huh)
Don’t make me ask you twice

I like what I like, I’m not the type
that’s gon’ be stalkin’ you
Oh, I know I’m a player but I’ll wait up,
shoot my shot and then I follow through (Yeah)

You so good, I wanna give my heart to you
Put that ass in park and send a car to you
I sure would, lick it then I talk to it
Hit it now you walk different (Walk different)