Do What I Want - Kid Cudi

Do What I WantKid Cudi

Quotable Lyrics:
While I cough up this blunt, I sit back in the cut
All my ni**as ridin’ with me, more excuses to stunt
And we fill up the cup, and we fill up the Woods
Loud bang out the truck and the Range lookin’ good

Get your girl off her, hey, said she ready to play
It’s all a game, it’s all a game, and I’m doin’ my thang
More rage, more rage, black Porsche in the rain
Someone stop me, b*tch, get off me, man, my life ain’t the same
Natural killer, born and suddenly feelin’ in pain

Now it’s like I’m on my Sepeher and I’m feelin’ them games
Fit two hunnid back, made this a rap
Can’t keep a ni**a down, down, baby, that’s a fact
And I rep it, Cleveland, city runnin’ through my veins

To BK, East New York, and I never change
Uh-uh, keep my ni**as close, just like I’m supposed
‘Cause this is for people, truth is what I wrote, uh-huh