Do Not Disturb - Vory Feat. NAV & Yung Bleu

Do Not DisturbVory Feat. NAV & Yung Bleu

Quotable Lyrics:
Take a trip and put your phone on “Do Not Disturb”
Put it in OT but you keep workin’ my nerves
Not tryin’ to go back and forth ’bout who hurt who first
You ain’t gotta question, baby, it’s yours

How I’m under thirty and made thirty, thirty times?
How you do my dirty and play victim blows my mind
I was scarred from issues, you said it would heal in time
Tryna hide your past up in the dark, but caught my body to the light
You ain’t livin’ right

I know if I brought it up tonight, we in for one hell of a night (Ayy)
Tryna do you right, ayy, tryna do you right
I know if I text a friend, then bring a friend, I leave with one tonight
You should call that ni**a that you love so bad and sleep with him tonight
Two wrongs don’t make a right (Yeah)

You should text your friends in that group chat and say he finally made it
My friends told me leave you in the past, can’t lie, I contemplated
Always hang on my side doin’ such and such, I’m concentratеd
Even ‘fore the namе, before the fame, couldn’t rock with nothin’ basic
She in one hell of a run if I lace up these Asics (Ayy)

She don’t like my life, I tell her “Leave it, face it” (Yeah)
Way before I knew Meek I had a dream and chased it
Hey (Yeah-yeah-yeah)