Do Better - Baby Tate

Do BetterBaby Tate

Quotable Lyrics:
Why the hell you always go back to him?
D*ck can’t be that good
Girl, you better get yourself a rose
Need to leave that man in the past tense
‘Cause he so wack
And he ain’t even got you cryin’ in a Rolls

So, tell me, what you cryin’ for? Oh
Tell me, what you crying for? Oh

I seen you go through so much sh*t you shouldn’t have to
I even went with you when you got that tattoo
All of the times I seen you break down in the bathroom
Who had your back, boo? I ain’t even gotta ask you

He never been good for you
So many men could do what he couldn’t do
I еven know some girls that could do it, too
Think I’m bein’ funny, thеse b*tches havin’ money
He treat you like a dummy