DNA - NoCap


Quotable Lyrics:
Got these ni**as playin’ catch-up, they must heard that I was winnin’
Pour up in a Phantom, money, it get made any minute
Designer junkie, I’m a crackhead whenever I’m in Lennox
All my ni**as know it’s rod, man, they might lay down the dentist

Pour this Codeine up and take me to another world
And if you love me shawty, let me go and f**k on your girl
I hope that God forgive me, I been takin’ medicine
Thеm Devils at the door, I kill whoevеr let ’em in (Oh-oh-oh)

Knife in my hand, my heart on zero
I feel like Jason Tatum
Been hurt too much, won’t let ’em too close
Even my f**kin’ label

I been eatin’ with my left hand, the right one under the table
‘Cause soon they think they steppin’ on me, the doctor’s metal plate ’em
We tote sticks like the Taliban, but, name a time I ran
Do two shows, a hundred stacks, that paper what I rack

Tote clips, that’s in my DNA, that mean we do not act
I feel just like I’m Aaron Donald, I’m tryna get a sack
Ayy, ayy, ayy

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