Distraction - Polo G

DistractionPolo G

Quotable Lyrics:
How I go so hard, they still discredit my talent
Took sh*t too far, now they regrettin’ what happened
Hard for my mama to accept I’m a savage (Uh, uh)
You play, I’m lettin’ you have it (Uh, uh)

Them shots let off, that’s too much blood for a napkin
They claim we locked in, what if I wasn’t rappin’?
Fiend for that ecstasy, couldn’t keep from relapsin’
Bring out the best in me or be a distraction, uh

If I tell my stepper, “Come and slide,” then he comin’
And I know it’s f**ked up how he daily out there huntin’
Heartless livin’, savage life, that’s just how he bomin’
But sh*t, at least it’s a ni**a I can count on for something, uh
Wе let them cannons spark, play with us, get punishеd, uh
We really had it hard, now blessings abundant

Cheered ’til I hit the top, now they can’t wait to see me plummet
Like for every win, another L come punch me in my stomach
I couldn’t even enjoy my birthday, b*tch come to me about assumptions
They can’t f**k with me on my worst day, I done ran it up, all hundreds
Baby, Chiraq is my birthplace, if we got a problem, we slump it
Hard times spent, it’s the worst pain and you never get refunded, uh