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Discombobulated – Eminem Produced by Dr. Dre

Quotable Lyrics: Discombobulated – Eminem Produced by Dr. Dre

Oh, ayo, Dre
I’m discombobulated
Let’s take ’em back (Accents)
In time (Everything’s all f*cked up)
I’m discombobulated, discombobulated
Miss, you ovulating? Wait, I didn’t mean to
Piss you off, my lady, what I really meant to say is
It goes a little something like this

Soon as I’m through with the Unisom I’ma hit the snooze alarm
Before I lose my mind, who am I gonna use it on?
Utilizing this tool, I will execute a line
Like what I tried to do one time in my youth when I euthanized
My poodle in junior high, used to hide in my room and fly
To the moon and try suicide with the glue from my school supplies
Then Proof, Denaun
Eye-Kyu and I would climb in that hooptie to ride to Drew’s and rhyme