Die Young - Sleepy Hallow Feat. 347aidan

Die YoungSleepy Hallow Feat. 347aidan

Quotable Lyrics:
Ayy, I don’t wanna die young, so I stay with a stick
Still on that sh*t, f**k two times six
Forgot who I was, let me talk my sh*t, like

Buss a move when I get up behind ya
Shorty bad, she get it from her mama
I do what I do and she do what she wanna
That’s a fact and no cap

Me and Sheff had to run up them racks
If you miss then we doublin’ back
2018, I was stuck in the trap
Fell in love and I got too attached
Heart got broke, it ain’t no comin’ back
If we up it, ain’t no comin’ back
F**k with my opps, said they no comin’ back
Is you with it?

If you up it, I up it, let’s get it
Sleepy ain’t feel no love in a minute
But, f**k it ’cause I ain’t been broke in a minute
And your b*tch hit me up said she just wanna f**k
‘Cause she ain’t feel the strokes in a minute
You know me, I be hittin’ it different
So you can’t get it back when I’m finished
So you can’t get it—

When l’m cookin,’ l’m not in the kitchen
I’m probably somewhere outta town doing business
So, I’m sorry if I couldn’t kick it
I got attached, so I had to go missin’
Said she love me that’s part of my mission
Ni**as be fake, gotta keep ’em a distance
Baby stop all that trippin’, you should just listen
Three words, my body different

So I’m lookin’ through my memories, fallin’ into jealousy
How can I miss you? You’re really just my enemy (Ayy)
Breakin’ apart, but I gotta hold my legacy
And I don’t wanna die-I don’t-I don’t wanna die young and—