Did Sh*t To Me - Lil Durk Feat. Doodie Lo

Did Sh*t To MeLil Durk Feat. Doodie Lo

Quotable Lyrics:
I Hate Ni**as Be On They Homie A$$
And They Ain’t Even Gone Slide
I Had A Prep Talk With A Baby Threat

And I Told Him Keep His Iron
I Had Court Today, Told My Lawyer “f**k That Case”
I’m Tired
They Locked Bro Up For Three Guns Even Though
Lil’ Bro Had Said They Mine (Free Wop)

I Need Boona Home, Only Ni**a
I Know That Speak His Mind
I Told Bro I Need To Get Back
He Said Get Back Come With Time

I Ain’t Ducking Sh*t
I Done Seen Thе Main Opp Keep Crying
Had To Switch The Whip
Shown My Hellcat Logo, I Went Livе
I Don’t Be Trusting Sh*t

I Don’t Even Trust My B*tch
I Just Trust My Switch
I Don’t Even Trust My Auntie, Uncle, Cousins
I Don’t Be Trusting Sh*t

Stand Up Ni**a, He Ever Get A Bond
He Ain’t Gone Never Sit (Never)
This Gang Sh*t Run Deep In My Blood
I Ain’t Never Gone Switch

Smurk, He From The ‘Raq (‘Raq)
Doodie, He From Kankakee
Smurk, He Love That Switch
Doodie Love That .223

These Ni**as Wanna Diss
F**k That Rap Sh*t, Keep It In The Streets
Why They Be All On My D*ck?
They Still Mad From Me And Keef (Man What)

They Ain’t Never Do Sh*t To Me (Did Sh*t, Never Ever)
They Ain’t Never Did Sh*t To Me (Man What)
They Ain’t Never Did Sh*t To Me (No)

Why That Ni**a Talking Like He Talk
They Ain’t Did Sh*t To Me