Quotable Lyrics:
Baby, no me llame’
Que yo estoy ocupá’ olvidando tus male’
Ya decidí que esta noche se sale
Con toa’ mis motomami’, con toda’ mis yale’

Y ando despechá’, woah, alocá’
Que Dios me libre de volver a tu la’o
Lo muevo de la’o a la’o y a otro la’o
Hoy salgo con mi baby de la disco coroná’, coroná’, yeah (Ay!)

I know how to make ’em so sick (So sick)
Go out, don’t post no pics (No pics)
Back when I used to do pole tricks (Pole tricks)
I been had ’em pissed off, no shit (No shit)

You ain’t text me, the message be blue, then green (Facts)
This a king, bad b*tch, but the shoes McQueen (Wow)
You were tryin’ too hard not to watch my stories
I was shakin’ this ass, better not report me
I’m close by even though it’s hard to reach me

My arm is bishy, this bra is CC
Got no ex, made ’em all delete me
I been on jets so they all beneath me (Ah)

Yeah, if I don’t answer the phone then it die (Then it die)
Got it on, do not d*ck ride (D*ck ride)
But I’m good though, ¿cómo estás? (Estás; ah)