Denial - Rae Sremmurd

DenialRae Sremmurd

Quotable Lyrics:
I seen so many fairytale loves go bad (Bad)
I heard so many say they’ll never love again (Again)
I walked away and I never turned back (Turned back)

It’s not the first time, it won’t be the last (Last)
Two new Pateks, but I never get the time we spent
I must confess, I ain’t never loved a girl like this (Yeah)
This worth a trial (Trial), you in denial (Denial)
This was a vibe (Vibe), you in dеnial (Denial)

Know you considered a ni**a, thе way you smile (Smile)
I got a b*tch that wants me cooped up in the house (The house)
This for my loyalest women who still around (Around)
Freakin’ me out (Out), I’m shuttin’ down (Down)

Ice on your body just to see you clearly (Clearly)
Will you marry me, marry me? Oops, I mean Amiri me (Amiri)
Tint the Lamb’, ain’t tryna be seen (Seen)
Close all the windows, she say I make her wanna scream (Scream)
I left my old b*tch for a new chick (New chick)

I left the old crib, got some new whips (New whips)
I put Bottega on the French tips (French tips)
So call me anything except “Useless” (Use)