Death Around The Corner - EST Gee Feat. Machine Gun Kelly,Backstage Passes - EST Gee Feat. Jack Harlow

Death Around The CornerEST Gee Feat. Machine Gun Kelly

Quotable Lyrics:
Death around the corner, good thing
I don’t know where I’m goin’ (I know where I’m goin’)
Death callin’ my phone, sayin’ I owe him, I ignore him
‘Cause I don’t owe no ni**a a quarter,

take it if you wanna (F**k outta here)
Better get out here and get on it,
from the night time to the mornin’
(Night time to the mornin’)

I’ve been through it all (Through it all),
ni**a better not speak on what they saw (Shh)
Considerin’ on what it cost to get this five,

would you still risk it all? (You know what it cost?)
Considerin’ I still made a million, tell me how I’m wrong
Would you still be happy for your dawg if you haven’t involvеd?

Would you in this shit if you still benefit after I’m gonе?
I ain’t cry, but if they cross that line, I got that Earth of mine
In that grass, hissin’, missin’ spines, snake is spittin’ slime (Slime)

Honestly, it’s just a state of mind I needed to survive (State of mind)
I’ma take your life or you take mine, every single time (Take your life)
I can’t change my mind, the love I used to have been left behind

I don’t think about it, I let it cross my mind, I peeped the signs (I peeped the signs)
And set debate, soon as the cheese get ate, put the mouse in his place
You be in there wantin’ to top my rank, somethin’ I don’t think

And I still show ’em love when I feel hate, guess it’s just my thanks
Whisper when you speakin’ on the great, words’ll get you spanked
I’m runnin’ ’round with somethin’ to flip a tank, you better play it safe