Refugee - Lil Durk

Death Ain’t Easy – Lil Durk

Quotable Lyrics: Death Ain’t Easy – Lil Durk

(Turn me up, Josh)
Alright, ’cause he really a ho (Ayo, Vani)
Like, he really, like
You know, they probably told him
Like you know when we came in, uh
(Ayy, Young Cutta, turn up)
He got up outta there when we was in Cali and sh*t
We came, and then he tried to shake my hand with love
Like that’s the second, I told him another time
Told him we ’bout to get on his ass, have him duckin’ and sh*t

Who told me death is easy?
Who told me death is easy?
Like why you leave me?
Why you tell me?
Why you tell me that death is easy?
They ain’t bleed like we bleed