Dead Wrong - Kid Ink

Dead WrongKid Ink

Quotable Lyrics:
Sorry, if you feel like I was dead wrong
I’m just tryna keep my head on
Know we made it through the bad zone

I don’t wanna hear no sad songs
Sorry, if this sh*t I say is dead wrong
It’s the pact that we ain’t playing on
And this life, it is a marathon

But I ain’t going playing fair long
Came into this sh*t without no bag, homie
Watch ’em disappear, they couldn’t bet on me
Made it to the top, this sh*t was real lonely
Ain’t nobody show us nothing [?]

Where the pressure?
I don’t stressin’, never see me foldin’
Bussin’ down the zaza, gotta keep it rollin’
Yeah, twist it up with the b*tch straight
We already made a million of a mixtape

World tourin’, label askin’ how we doin’ this
Nеver had no hand out, had to prove this sh*t
Yeah, I madе a couple moves I wouldn’t do again
Please forgive me for my foolishness