Dead Walkin - Lil Gotit

Dead Walkin – Lil Gotit

Quotable Lyrics: Dead Walkin – Lil Gotit

My b*tch like it rough (Hello)
Came out the trap with cuts (Ooh)
They tried to kill my brother, no luck (No luck)
Kill yours, I ain’t feeling no love
Check on big ol’ bucks (Bags)
Blunt stuffed up with Runtz

Calm now, I ain’t worried ’bout nothing
Everything here, front on nothing
Up all night, nigga loading these guns (Load up)
KFC, got drums
Never been a ho, no b*tch, no kind (Uh-huh)
Ni**a gotta show me the one (Let’s go)
Let them bullets ease your mind
On that slimey stuff
Bags in the Tonka truck (Ayy)
Gon’ deliver that [?]