Dead Roses - Yungeen Ace Feat. Toosii

Dead RosesYungeen Ace Feat. Toosii

Quotable Lyrics:
Yeah, I see you stressin’, maybe it’s best if, me and you go out separate ways
talkin bout, time invested in a diamond vested, all you wanna do is investigate
This relationship startin’ to feel forced to me
I don’t wanna cut ties, but you forcin’ me
Ain’t no way for us to end this sh*t cordially
Good things ain’t forever unfortunately

All this time I’m puttin’ in, feel like it’s too hard for the both of us
lot of times it seems like fiction, but it’s really breakin’ up both of us,
happyness, hearth breaks I can’t afford it
Saw so many signs, I blame fate for ignorin’ me (Damn)
[?], Dior be the only thing that you have
Instead of me, you fell in love with fame, get on the ‘net and bash me

Us being apart, let’s take a chance, this might not be a bad list
You let somebody beat that pu**y, I will not be a double bastard
You supposed to be my baby ridin’ ’round in a Mercedes
Just answer when I call your phone (Just answer when I call your phone)
Lost the spark from the connection, where the love when you first met me?
Hope the blue strips start going wrong (Hope the blue strips start going wrong)