Space Rabbit - Freddie Gibbs, Gold Rings - Freddie Gibbs ft. Pusha T,Dark Hearted - Freddie Gibbs Produced by James Blake

Dark HeartedFreddie Gibbs Produced by James Blake

Quotable Lyrics:
Yeah (Space Rabbit)
Yeah-yeah (Yeah)
Yeah-yeah (Space Rabbit push a space coupe straight out of Monaco, yeah)
I pray the choppa never jam on me, yeah

I pray the Lord puts his hands on me (Yeah), yeah-yeah
I pray the choppa never jam

.30-30 in my hands
DEA and detective done got me cuffed on that ambulance
Ni**a ain’t no solvin’ no murders, welcome to Murderland
Send a hit and scratch off a hit, b*tch, I’m the murder man
Pray the Lord puts his hands on me

And I know I took a risk with this sh*t when I put my hands on it
All my enemies watchin’, they plot and plan on me
They gon’ end up one of them dead homies

‘Cause how can a ni**a stand on it when it ain’t the truth?
Pu**y ni**as ran on me when it’s time to shoot
Motherf**k a friend, get them b*tches out my crew
I know you wouldn’t f**k with me if I didn’t have no loot
‘Cause I’m the one that push a hard line

Tell me what ni**as know about hard times
Empty stomach get you the heart to go do a homicide
I know some b*tch ni**as that snitch, ni**as on my side
Still a rich ni**a with mob ties

‘Cause, ni**a, we was locked in
Me and six of my ni**as in one apartment
We was pushin’ that molly, powder and hard ten
Back when b*tches, they used to play with my heart then

Police might shoot me and kill me over my dark skin
Man, this game got me dark-hearted
Smoke a chain like a alcoholic, don’t get me started

I thought we was gon’ thug it out to the end
But I guess that sh*t just wasn’t on the plans
I pray this choppa never jam

Freddie Gibbs Produced by James Blake