Dance Now - J.I.D & Kenny Mason

Dance NowJ.I.D & Kenny Mason

Quotable Lyrics:
J-I-D back in the city with it
Jiddy done been all across the globe
They say “JID a scribbler, he silly with it”
“When he spittin’, I hope he don’t sell his soul”

“He should be good, man, he signed to Cole”
“He from the hood, ni**a, down the road”
“He went to juggin’ right by the stove”
Then they saw the patrol, it was time to roll

Saw the patrol, it was time to ride
Motor runnin’ on Memorial Drive
Got a country cousin cruisin’ with the blammer
In Savannah at the Florida-Georgia line
Got a couple family members in Atlanta

Not Atlanta, we let Omeretta decide
They just gon’ let that Beretta fly
‘Cause you ni**as buggin’, spray pesticides
It’s me and the bros, it’s no extra guys
And they movin’ weight, it’s no exercise

We could pick a date to come stretch you out
Only showin’ muscle when it’s flexin’ time
You could see the hustle, you could recognize

Overcame struggle when the Devil tried
Lemme bear it all when I’m tellin’ God
You know I’ma rant when I talk to Jah

Ni**a said that I can’t, damn lie
Ain’t dappin’ no hand, sanitize
We gon’ slide on your man, landslide
There’s a nine in my pants, hand cocked

You gon’ try to recant, you can’t now
I could step on the ant, ant pile
I’ma shoot at the ground, dance now
Dan—, ooh, dan—, pshh, dan—