Damn - 21 Lil Harold ft. G Herbo

Damn21 Lil Harold ft. G Herbo

Quotable Lyrics:
I’ma let this MAC fly (MAC fly)
I ain’t squashin’ sh*t, like them other guys
And I ain’t stoppin’ sh*t if my brother die (Hell nah, ni**a)
And I’ll send a blick, f**k the other side (Baow, baow)

Hangin’ out the window, let this stick ride (Ride)
Yellow tape, it’s another homicide (Homicide)
Keep a blick, I can’t stand to see my mama cry (Keep a what?)
Ni**a said “Spin they block”, now they Fox 5 (Pu**y)

Like, ni**as, gotdamn (Damn)
Ni**as just watch they man die (21)
And go cry on Instagram (21, 21)
Make gotdamn long-ass comments on Instagram and sh*t (21, 21)

But ni**as like us (21, damn, 21)
We can’t sit back and watch this sh*t go on and sh*t (21)
‘Cause ni**as done died behind this sh*t, you know (21)
Ni**as have been around each other dub plus since kids (21)