Da Rant - Morray

Da RantMorray

Quotable Lyrics:
Uh, demons was angels too
Depends on how the artist choose to paint the view
Even the queen loses patience on a day or two
Even Morray can make mistakes, well, let me name a few

Was runnin’ with the wrong crowd, young, dumb, mad loud
Time passed me by when I was sittin’ on that green mile
Fightin’ on the daily, sad, I had to take Khalif’s smile
Ni**as I done bled with, would probably let me bleed out

Back when it was all gang, blood in, blood out
It’s crazy when your fam change like we ain’t even blood now
Ni**as actin’ bougie on me, we ‘posed to be thugged out
Probably tell the feds my name, you probably bugged now

I can’t blame that sh*t on you ’cause that’s what fakes do
Hold up, yes, the f**k I can, pu**y, I blame you (You)
But three finger back on me ’cause I ain’t blame proof
Karma is a cold real b*tch and she will bang you

Made some bad decisions,
lump of coal is what my gift is
Now I’m wholesome, was a misfit
I was broken, someone fixed it

Sad as f**k, I kinda miss it
Harder shell, you couldn’t dent it
Breakin’ jaws, you need the dentist
My emotions, lease ’em, rented
Posture up