Currently Zoolin' - Kodak Black ft Drake

Currently Zoolin’Kodak Black ft Drake

Quotable Lyrics:
Don’t think twice, we’re still in formation
Testing the current, already I’m sailing, it’s all so sudden
Catching a flight, you think we’re moving too fast, I’m intoxicated
We can move in slow motion if that’s what you want, babe

I don’t want to come on too strong
But I’m moving to your rhythm
With every move, with every move you make, babe
I’m tumbling

Take a trip to Chile, we chillin’, no stressin’
How we get the Molly in fifty-one seconds?
Breakfast in neck so she happy I kept it
You know I been hittin’ the bear like I’m Teddy

I ain’t with all of that huffin’, and puffin’
I’,m ready to do me a ni**a for nothin’
I ain’t thеm ni**as, I’m a killer, b*tch I’m sleepin’, don’t touch me
Don’t call me Lil Stеve ‘fore I smell like mutton

I’m young, but I ain’t no dummy
I done made a lot of money off of pretty much nothin’
Tell a bad b*tch, “Let my cameraman hit for me”
I’m a savage, [?]

I done took her overseas where it’s hard to reach
Her lil’ ni**a think she sweet, but, she my lil’ freak
Tell Drake right now, ni**a, drop the beat
Rich ni**a havin’ dinner wearin’ [?] / New Music Release

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