Crypto - Takeoff & Rich The Kid

CryptoTakeoff & Rich The Kid

Quotable Lyrics:
Let’s go
She want the info (She do)
I wanna to talk about crypto
I’m tryna leave that boy bloody (Ooh)
Like Bron when he threw the elbow (Bron)
Strings sticky, cup muddy (Mud)
Closet lookin’ like Rodeo (Come look)
Twenty chickens in the kitchen (They all bad)
It was just me and Roekado (Let’s get it)

He miss them, sent them on a mission (Mission)
My fingers itchin’ ’cause of Benja’s (Itchin’)
Ain’t poured dirty in a minute (Drank)
Don’t worry ’bout it, mind your business (The f**k is you)
Servin’ OG like it’s Wendys (OG)
I’m in they mouth, no dentist (Doctor Lee)
Give a f**k about a image (A what?) / New Music Release

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