Crunkstarz - Duke Deuce

CrunkstarzDuke Deuce

Quotable Lyrics:
Aye Duke Deuce homie how it feel
Ni**a can’t complain it’s a good year
Living like a crunkstar it feel so real (so real)
Rolling loud crowd really give a ni**a chillz
I just popped a bean now I’m rolling like the wheels
It’s a good year ni**a really seen a mill

Aiming for the bills
B*tches in the hills
Sticks on all of us please don’t get a ni**a killed Yea
Just turn me up
Please don’t turn me down

My Tommy full it hold a hunnid rounds
Danner boots crank my drip up
Don’t get Memphis stomped we don’t give a f**k
Play with the gang sh*t a get lethal

All of us zombies my residents evil
Step on this beat like a beetle
Icy my mic is in front of a igloo
I am not worried what he do

You is not crunker than me foo
Your ni**as dry like the Measles
They tryna figure what we do