Quotable Lyrics:
We rise and fall
In that rat race to win it all
Standing tall as we ever did
And if you recall
The very moment
You seek an opponent
You better own it
Like ya seekin’ atonement
Or you’ve blown it

Time after time
Haters prayed for our decline
They could never dim the light
That shines in this paradigm
The vibe intertwined

A love and hate frame of mind
Livin’ in the balance
As I’m dancin’ with the devil’s kind
Reminded by the thin line
We walkin’ as we lead the blind

Steppin’ to the stairway to heaven
Where we all resign
What you find in the vision
Of the grand design
We are eternal in this journal

You might find a sign
Live free tell it how you see it
You can be it
See ya dream and seize it
Unlock ya dream and release it
It ain’t a secret we believe it

Never doubted
Watch the words manifest
In every way you heard us
Talk about it

It’s a long road
See you at the crossroads
From a soldier to a leader
We in boss mode