Credit - Safaree Samuels

Credit – Safaree Samuels

Quotable Lyrics: Credit – Safaree Samuels

When we first met you laughed at me
Who’d a known for 12 years you’d laugh with me
We started out as a group, told no lies we just spoke the truth
I used to cheer you on in the booth
We dreamed about cars that ain’t have a roof
So I’mma fast forward to now
We in the industry now, look how it ruined us wow
Behind doors I’m the man
Calculated and I planned
What a shame, it took a split for them to know I was your man

Got so tired of hidin’ it
Head high with no pride in it
Guess I wasn’t cool enough cause in our pictures we hidin’ it
Everytime it went south, I be sleepin’ on the couch
Hotel room for one, thinkin’ what is this about
I took the good with the bad
Always heated I was mad
In our pictures yeah we’re smilin’ but inside I’m feelin’ sad