Cream Soda - Quando Rondo

Cream SodaQuando Rondo

Quotable Lyrics:
It’s your boy Quando and I ran up this money
With all this cash money
I got all this cash on me

New money, blue money, I’m tired (I’m tired)
I don’t know why I tried her (Why I tried her)
Said I’ma f**k her one time, then I hit again (Oh)
Turn the pennies to a dime, I just hit a lick (QRN)

The Dr. Pepper cream soda got lil’ woadie on them double cups
Twenty bags of OGs, hit the road and make it double up
I did this by my lonely, on my own, I had to level up
Trap out with my OG, cookin’ yola, run the cheddar up (Skah)

Cash out on a Rollie, wrist so frozen, I could change the weather
Audemars was gold, ain’t no Corona, that sh*t sick as f**k
Pass her to the homie like I’m Romo, damn, she thick as f**k
I done cashed out on so many cars, I need a Bentley truck

Man down, I might cash out on yo’ body, youngin hit him up
Bands, I pop a tag for my Versace and Balenci’ runners
Bad b*tch look like Kash Doll, she’s a hottie just like Meg’ Thee Stallion
Stylist got me runnin’ ’round the lobby, Mike Amiri fly