Could Be Worse - Boldy James Prod. Futurewave

Could Be WorseBoldy James Prod. Futurewave

Quotable Lyrics:
They call me Rocky Rhodes, over the Viking stove I’m icy cold
Like a peg-leg pirate, dope in the Pyrex
Soon as I cut the pilot on, time to turn up the temp
600 Degreez like that dreadhead from Hollygrove

Went from performin’ in kitchens live to rockin’ shows
Coppin’ from the Coney, now we swappin’ out at Pappadeaux
Thirty in the morning, grittin’ with a snotty nose
Big forty on me, I’m the wrong ni**a to pick on
Heard they tippin’ on me, must’ve heard I got them bricks gone
Worker turned informant, had to dump all of my flip phones

Cup full of poison, I’m the real Jim Jones
Me and [?] still on the Hell in the fire and brimstone
Jeans reekin’, kerosene from the space heater
Ball cap, [?] mink and some Timbs on
Or with these bullsh*t Balenciaga [?] sneakers
Thuggin’ in the ’jects, have a million worth of gems on

’Cause when the goin’ get tough, pick up and hit the road
Who the f**k can I trust? Who can I depend on?
Bad b*tch strapped down with a brick and a half
Her ass lookin’ saggy like she got Depends on

Had to make sure it was that before we sent the work
Just pray to Lord we make it back, can’t risk me gettin’ searched
And if he try to double back before we flip the merch
Just put a little in the baggie, little in the purse

Your mans got you baggin’ up? It could be worse
Just put a little in the baggie, put a little in the purse
Just put a little in the baggie, put a little in the purse