Tie The Knot - Syd


Quotable Lyrics:
Say you need some love, babe
I can be your puppet, be your glove, babe
I fiend for your lovin’, like a drug, babe
But nothin’ is enough, all I wanna do is be around you
‘Cause you take me, put it down, crazy
Got me all lazy

I, love my baby
My dream girl, wavy
Please, don’t wake me

You kiss my neck, I’m ’bout to lay
Straight from my head, down to my legs
You put your hands, all over me
Control me, babe
Control me, babe

I’ll tell you right now (Oh-ooh)
That you keepin’ me comin’ back
Trippin’ like I’m on the last
I’ll tell you right now, yeah (Oh-ooh)
That you give me somethin’ that
I can’t evеn front about