Confujawn - Capella Grey Feat. Nija

ConfujawnCapella Grey Feat. Nija

Quotable Lyrics:
Can’t do that nonchalant sh*t
Miss, it ain’t even that type of party
If that’s how you movin’, copy (Hm)
Can’t be nobody I call my shawty
Can’t be nobody I call my girl
Like if you want me, let me know
If the feeling’s mutual
I want you bad, but I can’t do confusion
No, can’t be nobody I call my girl, oh, no

How about the both of us be honest?
Sometimes I gotta act like it’s nothin’
I heard you for the streets and you runnin’ (Yeah)
That’s how you comin’? (Yeah)
You gotta let me know (Let me know)
‘Cause I refuse to let a ni**a have me out here looking stupid (Yeah)