Conceited - Flo Milli

ConceitedFlo Milli

Quotable Lyrics:
You never dated a chocolate b*tch (Pretty)
You want a model b*tch off of the internet (Internet)
All that ki-ki-ki’in’, I ain’t into that

All my mini-me’s, I invented that, facts
Long-ass weave flow down my back (Forty inch)
I want a pitcher wit’ a baseball bat (Swing)

H*es don’t like when I talk like that
Please don’t bark ’cause Milli bite back
I huff then I puff then I blow sh*t down (Ooh)

Stand-up b*tch, ho, go sit down (Damn)
Put your ear on my coochie, hear this ocean sound (Uh)
(I f**k once) Boy, you old d*ck now

You got money ’cause you on d*cks
Milli got milli’s ’cause Milli got hits (I got hits)
You pop pimples, h*e, I pop sh*t
You can talk like this when you really that b*tch (Uh, yeah)