Lamar - Lil Wayne 

Comme Des Garcons – Lil Wayne

Quotable Lyrics: Comme Des Garcons – Lil Wayne

Okay, Comme Des Garçons and some new Saint Laurent
Mix Gianni Versace with Coco Chanel
I throw on some Fendi, a mink when it’s windy
Too cold for the Devil, I’m snowin’ in Hell
Skatin’ on marble, I flow in thin air

I’m dancin’ on water, tip-toein’ on nails
Can’t walk in my shoes, can’t roll in my wheels
Can’t order my food, you throw up that meal
Can’t do what I do, you can’t do me
Yeah, I would not try to do you, I’m too me
Look at my sons’ faces, I see the new me

I look in they face and I see the beauty
I take a vacation and go see some beautiful sh*t
Come back with a whole different view of this sh*t
My third eye just opened ’cause two wasn’t sh*t
It’s either that or too many hallucinogens
Got a cute-ass lil’ b*tch with a coke habit