Comfortable - THEY. Feat. Fana Hues

ComfortableTHEY. Feat. Fana Hues

Quotable Lyrics:
Never seen yourself f**kin’ with somebody like me
I’m gon’ show you somethin’ better than your wildest dreams

Let’s get comfortable (Let’s get comfortable)
Let’s get comfortable
(Oh yeah, yeah, yeah)
(Oh yeah, yeah, yeah)

Know you seen my message (Seen my message)
Goin’ through a lot, working overtime
Ni**as got you strеssin’ (Got you stressin’)
I could change that all for you, tell mе,
am I oversteppin’? (Am I oversteppin’?)

Seem like the type of girl who really like the chase,
let me be aggressive (Be aggressive)
‘Cause if there’s one thing for sure (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I know we don’t live forever (Yeah)
We might as well get together (Yeah, yeah)

I’ll let you do whatever that you want to me
I’m exit four off the highway (Highway)
Park your car in my driveway
I’ve been waitin’ on i / New Music Release

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