Good Morning Gorgeous (Remix) - Mary J. Blige Feat. H.E.R.

Come See About MeMary J. Blige feat. Fabolous

Quotable Lyrics:
You gotta come see ’bout me (For real)
If you really want the true, then ask me ’bout me (For real)
And if you really want the smoke, they roll tree ’bout me (That gas)
You know I keep a young gunna pushin’ P ’bout me (Slat)
You know God don’t play, he keep it G ’bout me (Don’t play with him)

Hope you h*es burn your lips tryna get tea ’bout me
If I said two o’ clock, it’s gon’ be ’bout three
Might be fashionably late, but I leave out flee
Come on, dog (Come on, dog)

I gotta keep my collar clean (Yeah)
You ni**as couldn’t be me if it was Halloween (Ah)
I see a lot of eye candy, sour power streams (I see)
But I need soul food, turkey, mac, collard greens
Yeah, me and Mary in the yams

White Yaris, had to pull up on Mary in a little ‘Lamb (Skrr)
Chilly night, I’m rockin’ Amiri and leather pants
And watch Puff’s chefs sprinkle Rosemary over the lamb (Nice)
He told her no way, but tell José I got her (I got you, baby)
On the upside, baddies don’t pay for nada (Nothing)
Rosé colada (Yeah), Dolce and Prada

Mary in Booby Trap giving Monét Tejada (Woo)
This is powerful, we got Diddy back outside
This is big money, it’s like Citibank outside
Tell them boys who got coins bring they piggy banks outside
And come see about us, what would it be without us? Huh

Come, come and see about me
You know I’m really in a good mood
I bought a coast for you
Match that so we can have two

Come, come and see about me
You know I’m really in a good mood
You make a move, I make a move
We make a movie

‘Cause we got some things to do tonight
And you got a point to prove your pride
We bring color to black and white
What we just did could make a life
‘Cause we got some things to do tonight

Mary J. Blige feat. Fabolous / New Music Release

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