CODE - Offset Feat. MoneyBagg Yo

CODEOffset Feat. MoneyBagg Yo

Quotable Lyrics:
Staring at my wrist, it froze (Wrist)
Yeah, it blew a kiss on her (Mwah)
Water diamond, crystal (Water)
Keep your kids from Mystikal (Hey)

Smoke, what’s your temperature? (Smoke)
Bet’ not at or mention ’em
Get you wacked, detention ’em (Wack)
We send hits, ain’t missing ’em
Bought another Cullinan (Cullinan)

Bulletproof like government
Grew up with my brother ‘nem (Big bruh)
Big bruh always hustling (Hey)
Since my brother got killed,

it ain’t no fighting, it ain’t no tussling (Pistol)
Fighting in the courthouse,
for my kids, I need some custody (Hey)

Ni**as fake, they counterfeit (Fake)
Money boost my confidence
Hating, that’s unfortunate (Hate)
I get checks, I’m corporate

White diamonds like porcelain (White)
You can’t call yourself rich
if you do not own no mortgages (Houses)
Sometimes when I’m home, I feel alone,
like it’s a orphanage (Alone, hey, hey)

When it’s cold outside,
you better grip on your heat (Cold)
She got so much mileage,

she tryna work one on me (Work one)
I had so much knowledge,
I had to get out the street (Let’s go)