Being a Cleveland native, I represent the 216 to the fullest. Cleveland’s hip-hop is in my veins.

The Beastie Boys said ‘No Sleep To Brooklyn’; well I’m telling you not to sleep on Cleveland.  With that said, ‘…I am from the Land’ and I rep the 216 till the day I die.  I need this to make note that although Cleveland hits the map for the pejorative term “The Mistake on the Lake”, I am going to disrobe this negative connotation and put you on game.

Disclaimer – The talent in my streets is phenomenal and I will try my best to showcase hip-hop in and out of Cleveland; the artist from the past that had our heads knocking as well as the new generation that keeps the CLE relevant. Now, let’s go.

As a hip-hop fan, I have experienced the culture being represented right here on the streets I walk.  From 10-5 to Hellz Kitchen, from Superior to Coit and all streets and avenues between and surrounding hip-hop has grown with most Clevelanders. Being one to hang out on Knowles Ave in East Cleveland and then years later, for a moment, living there; to watch a hip-hop video, paying homage to where you’re from, is an awesome feeling.

Watching MGK show the world where he’s from…shedding light on EC.  “Till I Die”.

Most of the world knows the names and music of Cleveland rappers.  If you do not, let me put you on to some of them that I grew up listening to.  You have Brothers for the Struggle, Ray Cash, Ray Jr., and Chip Tha Ripper to name a few.  I will at some point take this avenue that I am given to highlight my city to the fullest, so stay tuned to my playlist Da C-L-E.

Brothers for the Struggle

Ray Cash

Ray Jr

Chip The Ripper

The new generation of hip-hop to stomp the streets of East Cleveland are the members of RBMG, Rubber Band Money Gang.

Cleveland's hip-hop Rubber Band Money Gang

A prominent member of this collective is no other than Doe Boy.  The representation of his neighborhood is shown throughout his music.  From mixtape to signing with Future’s Freebanz, Doe Boy, has accomplished a lot in his music career.

He has some bangers; and is not one to sleep on.  Check out some of these tracks

Doe Boy and Future – “Most Wanted”

Doe Boy and MGK – “Gang”

Quotable Lyrics:
“All my ni**as really in these streets
Better not f**k with me
We gon’ pull up ’bout a hundred deep
You not touching me
10 chains ’round my neck, and I dare you try to reach
You must thought this sh*t was sweet…?

Doe Boy & Moneybagg Yo – BOFFUM

When he put pen to pad, he spits nothing but fire.  He has collaborated with several artists on different labels.  His name is known not only in the hip-hop arena but in the walls of basketball arenas as well.  LaBron James who was caught vibin’ to “Walk Down”.

KD posted on his Twitter “Take me to Knowles Ave when the album drop man,” he wrote.  Doe Boy showed the world his life from the streets of East Cleveland’s Knowles Avenue on CivilTV’s Welcome To My Neighborhood.

Check out some of his other releases:

I A Do It

Mini Vans

Walk Down

100 Shooters

Check out all hitters.  They will not disappoint.

Are you a Doe Boy fan?

Have you listened to any of his music?

Doe Boy, if you read this, let’s meet on either Knowles and Terrace or Knowles and Euclid and talk EC, RBMG, your rap career, and life on the streets.

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Hayzel Greene