Clap - Trina & Latto

ClapTrina & Latto

Quotable Lyrics:
Buss it, buss it, buss it down (Ayy), touch your toes (Ayy)
Hit your dance on them h*es (Let’s go)
Put that sh*t out on the ‘Gram, show that ass when you pose (Go)
Clap (Ayy)
She gon’ make it clap (Clap)

Throw it in rotation, shawty, bring that ass back, back, back, back (Woo)
Clap, ayy, she gon’ shake that ass, she gon’ make that ass clap, clap
Told her, “Take a bow”, when she make that ass clap, clap
She put on a show in the bed, treat thе bedroom like a strip club
Put the polе in the bed and watch her clap

Walked in with the ones
Brought him to the crib ’cause the strip ran out of ones (Ayy)
If they bringin’ money up, you know I got a ton
And I came with my dawgs, I don’t step out with no funds (Nah)
They got that young cash
Throwin’ money ’cause it’s mine, I got my own bag
These b*tches livin’ off they ni**a, sh*t be so sad