Chris Brown
Chris Brown

City Girls – Chris Brown, Young Thug (Official Video)

Quotable Lyrics: City Girls – Chris Brown, Young Thug

Yeah, yeah
Finally got a reason I could stay home
Pretty little thing for me to wait on
Fuckin’ you all day until the day gone
California King, now we can lay home (lay home, yeah)
Girl, you know I like it when you lick it and you shake it
In my face and I can’t take it (take, take-take, oh no)

FaceTime makes me anxious
And she look so good, I can taste it
Ride me, don’t stop it
You should be in tropics tannin’ your body, yeah
‘Til it get dark, milk chocolate
You should be famous, movies like Sanaa Lathan
You know I’ve been the best man, yeah