Movie Star - Jack Harlow Feat. Pharrell,Churchill Downs - Jack Harlow Feat. Drake, First Class - Jack Harlow

Churchill DownsJack Harlow Feat. Drake

Quotable Lyrics:
We ’bout to feed these youngins to the metaverse
Meanwhile I’m over here just tryna pen a verse
‘Cause I’m done bein’ extra with the extroverts
The label used to wonder how I’m supposed to stand next to Vert
Prolly never thought that I would get these legs to work
I work hard, but hard sh*t don’t need no extra work
That’s why I show up in a sweatshirt and let it burn

The world’s mine, I just say, “F**k it, let it turn”
The girl’s mine, I just say, “F**k it, have a turn”
The G.O.A.T.s call me to the side like, “Can we have a word?”
I could’ve fronted but I did this sh*t how I preferred (I preferred)
Mmm, I know I should be humble, but it’s somethin’ I just haven’t learned
Soon enough I have to make these bad habits burn
Soon enough we ’bout to come and get the sh*t we earn
You not a fan now, but I remember when you used to be fanned out

I’m guessin’ when the whole world loves you,
people only got one way to stand out
All that time in the kitchen finally panned out
I put some flavor in a pot and took the bland out
I know my grandpa would have a heart attack
if I pulled a hunnid grand out
So I’m not gonna pull a hunnid grand out
I’m hip-hop, do you fully understand?