Chocolate Rain - Flo Milli

Chocolate RainFlo Milli

“Chocolate Rain” by Flo Milli is a bold and empowering hip-hop track that exudes confidence and assertiveness. With her charismatic delivery and catchy flow, Flo Milli celebrates self-assuredness and independence, making it clear that she won’t settle for less. The song features Flo Milli rapping and singing over a minimal, booming clatter beat.

The song’s infectious beat and memorable lyrics have resonated with audiences, solidifying Flo Milli’s place as a rising star in the music scene. “Chocolate-Rain” is a testament to her unapologetic style and her ability to command attention in the music industry. “Chocolate-Rain” is a great addition to Flo Milli’s growing discography, showcasing her talent as a rapper and singer.