Chit Chat - French Montana

Chit ChatFrench Montana A$AP Rocky, Smooky MarGielaa

Quotable Lyrics:
Life ain’t regular, the new 20-20 Hugh Hefner
In the future like a Jetson, hover scooters like a Vespa
Gotta guess, please attest, ask no questions (Woo)
I’ma hit it, I’ma kill it (Yeah), R.I.P.,

laid out on stretcher (Woo, woo)
Uh, eat the vegetable (Woo, woo)
Eco-friendly, might invest into a Tesla (Brr)
Let it register (Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo)
Sh*t get spooky, word to Smooky MarGielaa (Baow, baow)

MarGielaa, man, I ain’t even with that chit chat (Woo)
Forty chains on my neck, milli’ where my wrist at
Couple goons with the tool (Ha), when we pull up, get back (Huh)
Got a lame ni**a callin’ (Huh), ’cause he want his b*tch back (Woo)
Damn (Brr) / New Music Release

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