Child Of God - Chance The Rapper

Child Of GodChance The Rapper

Quotable Lyrics:
Truth be told, I got the ball on a string
Carried the weight of the world, but it came with some handles
I drag it to the basket, Moses with the passage
Safely Lord God, please make an example
I try to break shackles, now they ankles in shambles
I can’t expect them to be grateful and thankful
They thought I had a manual like Hansel
Leave your plans in mans hands and it gets manhandled

Dancin’ in the street, but I didn’t panhandle
When I finally drop, make a pamphlet
Sell tickets, put that shit on FanDuel, OnlyFans and Fandango
Give me your ear like Van Gogh and it’s candlewick
I mean, I mean, it’s lit like a candlestick
When I’m fatigued like a camo fit
A rich man: the size of the needle that the camel fits
Walkin’ to Jesus with my sandals wet

This world would make you second guess your first mind
Remember when it was your first day, the first time?
It couldn’t have come at a worst place or worst time
And you remember that low voice with that rehearsed line
Just repeatin’