Chess Not Checkers - Jackboy

Chess Not CheckersJackboy

Quotable Lyrics:
I’d rather be solo than surrounded by snakes (Surrounded by snakes)
I don’t compete, nah, I’m in my own race (I’m in my own race)
New AP, diamonds bussin’ out the face (Bussin’ out the face)
Skinny ass ni**a, but his pockets overweight (Pockets overweight)

Lil’ ass ni**a with a big ass gun (With a big ass gun)
Ridin’ in the double R, feelin’ like a don (Feelin’ like a don)
Chess not checkers, you ni**as be pawns (You ni**as be pawns)
One false move, that boy gone, better run (Better run)

Ni**as be ducks, y’all steady gettin’ plucked (Steady gettin’ plucked)
I’m a big dog, can’t treat me like a pup (Treat me like a pup)
I’m a rich ni**a, put Dior on my poodle (Dior on my poodle)

Feeding her steak while you steady eating noodles (While you steady eating noodles)
Despite all the hate sh*t life been great (Life been great)
I gave my b*tch cake, told her, “Go celebrate” (Go celebrate)
All of these racks, throw a party in favor (Throw a party in favor)

Fly lil’ ni**a, I’ll never be dingy
I came from the bottom, had to climb out the sewer (Climb to the top)
Duckin’ the cops, had to learn how to maneuver (Dodgin’ the cops)
Hopped in the streets, had to learn how to be a shooter (Had to learn how to be a shooter)

Hopped on a jet, came out feelin’ newer (Came out feelin’ newer)
Stay busy, so I ain’t gotta never feel sh*t (Never feel sh*t)
No time to cry, lil’ ni**a, you lit (Lil’ ni**a, you lit)
Lil’ ni**a, you rich, you can do what they can’t (Do what they can’t)
Run their ass up, now he in and out the bank (Now he in and out the bank)