Cheap - Guapdad 4000

CheapGuapdad 4000

Quotable Lyrics:
Since a ni**a been broke
Swiping till my band broke
Gas station pump, typing in the zip code
At the ATM tryna load the bit though
Ion gangbang but I still crip though
Never spend my last on a fit (f**k you thought?)
Swipe a card and I cop what a rich ni**a got
Even when I was broke, I had rich ni**a thoughts
Finna download a pro (that’s a rich ni**a’s loss!)

Way before EDD
I was a young scam boy getting sh*t for free
Playing rose in the store, K walk for me
It ain’t sweet, miss me if your talk is cheap

Walk to the clerk, kinda nervous
But I’m trustin the work
We talkin bout golf when my h*e stuff a purse
4 MCM bags and some shoes I’m returning, 3 Burberry shirts
Making up names, I don’t know who i’mma be again
Gotta get a fake ID again!
The card don’t swipe, you gotta type it all in
We ain’t going bowling but we striking off pins
Time and experience
Finna get a credit line and f**k up your Experian
On the dark web finna swap up my Ethereum
I’m on Whatsapp tryna find a Nigerian!